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Short but Sweet

August 3, 2009

Last night I had a craving for Chicken Enchiladas so this morning my husband I and headed out to run errands and pick up things I needed for the enchiladas.

In one of my previous post I had mention the panniers I am currently using and the not so great clasps they had. Today I had a brief lightbulb moment and secured the flaps down with bungee cords so problem solved for now.

Anyways, 1st we rode over to Blockbuster video and returned some movies, then we kinda backtracked and went to the Organic store for corn tortillas.  After than it was off to Safeway for the rest of our groceries.

I ended up loading up both panniers and then bungee corded them down and biked home.   I didn’t feel the load while biking so that was great, but sure felt it when I took the panniers off the bike and lifted it up.

So tonight we’re having Chicken Enchiladas with Rice and beans on the side.   We nixed going to the Heritage Festival again this year as I’m still not conditioned enough to ride any steep hills.  Luckily we don’t have many in Edmonton anyways.

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