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The Waiting is the hardest Part

March 19, 2010

But I do guess that is par for the course in life. I turned in our rental application along with 1/2 the security deposit yesterday so now its just patiently cleaning and trying not to think about the dream apartment we may or may not get.

Today I’m cleaning and enjoying the sunshine I see outside. It is however very cold still and my toes are quite frozen as I have the living room windows open to air out the apartment. The landlady is coming over today so see what renovations she wants to do before we lists it. Umm well she doesn’t know I painted a wall in the living room a dark blue or that I painted swatches in the bedroom and entryway. She had said we could paint but now I’m a bit worried. I will offer to either paint over, prime or pay her a bit extra towards repainting it herself. I do think the blue looks good so maybe she can just touch it up and paint over the swatches with some of the original paint colour.

If all goes well this afternoon I may try and fix my damaged double panniers and take Serenity out for a ride. Its a pain loading her up with groceries and having to figure out how to get them up three flights of stairs (oh I hope we get the place with elevators!!) but maybe I’ll lock her up downstairs and run the panniers up and then go down and get her.

Speaking of double panniers also I found these from The Dutch Bike Company in the U.S and made by Fastrider

I also liked this little blurb about the bags

There’s no more proper accessory for a proper Dutch city bike than a set of the Fastrider Classic panniers. Like many of our bikes, these bags retain a very classic style while updating materials and subtle design elements to serve you better and longer. The Classic is nearly indistinguishable from the traditional canvas-and-leather bags popular in the Netherlands for over a century, but executes the design in modern materials that give a high degree of durability and water resistance. Also, should you use your bike and bags as they’re designed to be used — soak them, freeze them, soak them again, and leave them outside all year round — these are guaranteed not to rot.

I think these will go on my wishlist in the Steel Blue and I think they will be perfect for grocery shopping and trips to the Farmers Market. For smaller trips I think I’ll head to Red Bike for a Basil Shopper:

This way I’ll be prepared for anything. In either case when I order them and use them I’ll post up a review.

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  1. March 19, 2010 9:27 pm

    I like those panniers…stylish and functional!! Of course, my Mirte bag is awesome but definitely not as big. You’re right, the Mirte Basil is perfect for a quick trip the the grocers 🙂 I’ll be ar Redbike tomorrow to take mezzanine pics!

    • girlcanbike permalink*
      March 20, 2010 4:43 pm

      I think I’m going over to Red Bike next Thursday and see what Mirte bags are in stock. If they don’t have what I’m looking for then I’ll just see if it can be ordered and pay for it and they can call me when its in.

      Now to find a tweed saddlebag for my future bike.

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