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April 4, 2010

We were all ready for a post dinner evening ride and I was looking so cute in my gray yoga pants light blue long sleeved hooded t-shirt, gray vest and my new hat (see previous post) and we get the bike downstairs and hubby says those dreaded words to me,

“Honey my tires need air”

My reply “Are you sure? Mine are ok”

He proceeds to put weight on his bike and lo and behold they need air:( I was evilly thinking I could still head out for a brief ride he SQUEEZES my back tire (the cheeky man!) and sigh, they were also flat. Of course we dont have a pump and it being Sunday and 6 pm anything resembling a bike shop is already closed.

Tomorrow I have to pack so I wont have time to get a pump and/or tire gauge but if anyone has any recommends for good pumps I’d really appreciated it and please say a blessing that I survive another potentially beautiful week sans bike:( :::weeping::

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  1. April 5, 2010 8:59 pm

    So I asked bruce about bike pumps….there are 2 main types: 1)frame pump, which is portable. Axiiom has a few in the lower price range ($20), B. recommends Lezyne though. Prices vary from $42-$75). The other type is a floor pump, again Lezyne has reliable ones and B. also suggests JoeBlow (cute name,huh?) brand.Floor pumps prices vary from $50-$100. Redbike has an on-line store if you wanna just check ’em out..their site is “”
    Good luck!

    • girlcanbike permalink*
      April 6, 2010 6:23 pm

      I’ve heard great things about the Lyzne floor pumps. The pump we borrowed at MEC last night was the JoeBlow and hubby loves it. Do they sell it at RB? I seriously need to get out and bike more as mounting and dismounting killed me LOL I will be so happy to change from a diamond frame to the Pashley one:)

  2. April 6, 2010 1:14 pm

    A portable frame pump can save you from getting stuck somewhere, but they are usually too small to get most tires up to full pressure. If you get one, I recommend one with a hose that can be folded out to use like a classic floor pump (EBC has some inexpensive ones right now).
    IMHO, every household with bikes should have a a full size floor pump (most of these have a pressure gauge built in). Even if you don’t have a hole in your tube, all tires will slowly lose air, and riding on properly filled tires is both faster and better for your bike because it protects your rims. I top up my tires at least once a month.

    • girlcanbike permalink*
      April 6, 2010 6:20 pm

      Thanks for letting me know that EBC has pumps too..I have to head over there sometime soon so I’ll check them out:)

      I’m just happy we took them over to MEC and borrowed a pump last night

  3. April 6, 2010 7:00 pm

    Yes, RB sells JoeBlow pumps 🙂 Hope you and your hubby can come to the RB party, even if to drop by. It’s been post-poned a week to Sat.April 17th! Yes, the Pashely is SO nice and easy to dismount. Also nice to wear a skirt or dress and not worry about mounting/dismounting gracefully!

    • girlcanbike permalink*
      April 6, 2010 7:34 pm

      Darn! That is the day we are moving:( Since we’re short on help I think its going to be a all day event. I’m trying to talk hubby into going to EBC and renting a bike trailer so I can move boxes to the new place while he and a friend tackle the really heavy stuff. I figure its only two blocks away so it shouldn’t be to hard. …..I hope

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