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Little Things

May 12, 2010

I’m sick..Its the best Mothers Day gift to date, this from my wonderful husband. I feel as weak as a newborn kitten* so no biking until I’m 100%. Just walking the boys I care for to school everyday is wiping me out. Last night I had only two hours of sleep too.

I have a skill assessment test with Telus next Monday and if I pass I presume they will check my references and schedule a interview. The job is so-so but the pay is great and would allow me more spare cash for bikes and bike related toys:)

I also need to call Red Bike tomorrow as I had ordered a Pletscher double kickstand for my hybrid to hopefully take care of the falling over when I’m loading her up problem. If its in I’ll summon up the strength to bike her over on Saturday.

Other than that just sick sick sick:)

Its so nice this week too!!

Much Love & Happy Biking!

*Please note that no newborn kittens were harmed to confirm or deny if I’m actually as weak as a newborn kitten

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