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Evening Adventure

May 28, 2010

I had an early day at work yesterday so I was home around 3:15-ish and my husband was actually home fairly early too. Yea!!!

It was also nice outside so I suggested that instead of the bike route we had originally planned on that instead we bike over the High Level Bridge and over to Red Bike so I could buy my double kickstand and look at bike stuff:) I also suggested supper in that area too. He readily agreed.

It was pretty windy biking over the Bridge which I really didn’t like but I made it over and in true form Red Bike was awesome and everyone was helpful:) I also got to talk to Cliff, the owner, a lot too:) He is awesome! I’ll have to bike over with some cookies for him too.

Anyways, I got the kickstand installed and I also finally bought a bike pump, Topeak Road Morph YOU Rock!!, and a pretty light blue Nutcase Helmet. Its so pretty and very non fussy looking which the one I have now looked like.

Good News too!!! Cliff said I could totally put the Pashley on layaway so in two weeks I’ll take some money over. That is such a happy relief for me because I’m not one that does well just saving on my own and I’ll readily admit that. I’d be the layaway Queen if I could be!

Right now they only had one Pashley on the floor but they just placed another order and I’m hoping they will be in mid-summer so that I can test ride the two larger sizes:) I just for sure I want it in black.

After Red Bike we biked over to Original Joe’s for supper. I wish they had bike racks, and they seem like a good candidate to have them but we just locked our bikes the their patio fencing.

My Jambalaya wasn’t that great:( but the burger husband had was good and his sweet potato fries were awesome so I happily helped him eat those.

Bike ride home and we were both pretty tired. Must get out more and back in biking form:)

Pictures of me in my new helmet forthcoming:)

Much Love & Happy Biking!!!

P.S. Is it me or am I really seeing more cyclists out and about this year compared to last year??

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  1. May 28, 2010 7:03 pm

    What is all the hype about the Pashley. I used to bike all of the time – but no more… I got older and – I don’t know… but I biked in the 90’s all over and everywhere…. but in those days… there was no Pashley…I need to know the deal about it… and what about the Br… the English bike that folds up. Is it as good as a Pashely?

    • girlcanbike permalink*
      May 28, 2010 8:34 pm

      Well for me its looks.. I think the Pashley looks prettier than say a Mountain bike though both bikes are for different purposes.

      Pashley are also made in England and not in Taiwan and are a steel frame. It does make them heavier than a hybrid or road bike but when I test rode it I felt very safe and stable. Kinda the Volvo of bikes.

      The folding bike, the Brompton, is a good bike too if you want to fold it up to take into your workplace, on the bus, or don’t have a lot of living space. I can’t really compare them to a Pashley as I don’t know much about them and you know, that whole apples and oranges thing. lol

      Also and this was the selling points for me on the Pashley or the other bikes pictured to the right are the skirtguards and that the bike chains is fully enclosed. I would love to be able to wear more feminine clothing with the bike I ride. Its harder to do that with the bike I have now though it does have a partially enclosed chaincase.

      Hope this helps:)

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