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Local Food Love

May 29, 2010

Despite the rain, hubby and I went to the Farmers Market downtown this morning. We bussed down though rather than take our bikes.

There were quite a few people there though one of my favorite vendors, The Jam Lady, wasn’t there:( She has this berry jam with bits of chocolate that is to die for!!!

I picked up a slab of bacon from Irving Farms to try
1 pound of Fiddleheads from Mona food
and Cayenne & Green Peppercorn Gouda from Sylvan Star Cheese

I’m not sure where the Fiddleheads were harvested in relation to where we live but I was so happy to find them that I didn’t inquire. I also saw Pea tendrils, sorrel and Ramps for sale along with wild mushrooms and the normal Farmers Market Fare.

I forgot to pick up a few things as it was not fun balancing my wallet, umbrella and market bag but I was happy with what I got and will pick up the rest when we go down again.

We’ll try the bacon tomorrow probably with some local eggs and I’ll have the fiddleheads with dinner tomorrow also probably with salmon.

Yea for local foods and the joy of savoring each new discovery!!!:) I’ll become a true locavore yet!

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