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Summer Cycling

June 28, 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of biking this month, at least twice week to and from work and at least one day on the weekend. I tend to wilt and get migraines in the hottest months though so I’m trying to get in all the biking I can before the temperatures rise.

I also cant really dress pretty in the summer because I’m so damned hot. I mean I guess I could get some summery dresses/outfits but unfortunately Summer just isn’t my season.

However, after hearing how numerous Edmontonians bike in winter , yes winter, I’ve decided that I’ll be biking Winter of 2010/2011. I love dressing for winter much more anyways; thick wool tights, wool coats, pretty boots, velvets, and warm silks, and I can’t forget the wool gloves and hats too. I seriously blame the romanticism of this on Lovely Bicycle and Girls and Bicycles. Both blogs are what inspired me to start my own biking blog and I’m glad to know them both even if its only online at the moment:)

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