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Baskets, Saddlebags & Camera Oh My!

July 9, 2010

Squee!!! Eliza is now home 🙂

Lovely Lady aka Eliza is now in her room that is being shared right now with my hybrid. I need to head out soon for a lock for her and then I’ll be deciding at a later date, probably in September, whether to get her a front basket or a saddlebag. Both have their plus and minuses so I’ll for sure be carefully thinking about each before I take the plunge. Regardless to whatever one I pick it will be a investment.

If I do go the basket route I’ll be ordering this one from the U.K. I like the fact that the basket maker will cut out a center hold to accommodate the lamp bracket that Eliza has.

If I decide on the saddlebag I’l be ordering a 7 or 11 Litre Zimbale saddlebag in black and the optional removable camera insert: Hyde Park Cycles

Why the camera insert? you may wonder..Well when I was much younger aka before kid and marriage(s) I was a avid photographer and it was actually presumed that would be my major in University. Alas life had other plans for me (no regrets though) My ultimate goal will be to provide a lower cost option for friends for photographing their special occasions.

I love being a live-out Nanny, especially to teachers but its sucks during the summer breaks and not having much to do plus we’re losing my income for two months so I thought I’d get back into photography. I am eying a Canon Rebel for a digital camera and I’ll be researching film cameras this summer too. Of course this will happen next Spring as I promised hubby a new T.V. after I buy my Pashley but this will give me a lot of time to research research research! I’ll also sign up for a class or two. I do know how to load film canisters and process film and I do have space in the apartment for a darkroom too:) Overjoyed!!!

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  1. July 13, 2010 1:37 pm

    That’s exciting that you have your new bike! I’m still debating baskets, saddlebags, etc also and just can’t seem to come to a decision.

    I told my husband yesterday that I really “need” a vintage bike because they are so cute – unfortunately, he thinks it’s more a case of “want” than “need” – haha 🙂

    • girlcanbike permalink*
      July 13, 2010 2:15 pm

      I kinda picked out a rear rack and I’ll have to save up for a basket but its from the U.K. but its all good:)

      Tell your hubby it can be a birthday gift, either early, late or on time and that they are pretty inexpensive if you look around.

      Orrrrrrrrrrr you can do my kitten trick

      “but honey it was just on the side of the road. I couldn’t just leave it there” 🙂

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