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Where Eliza Blushes

July 24, 2010

I took Eliza out to the Farmers Market this morning to meet up with Judy from the Penner Chronicles(her website is on my blogroll to the right)

While walking Eliza up  the market strip to secure parking we were stopped by a gentleman who admired here and checked her out from wheel to wheel.   He was appreciative of the condition she was in and asked me to take good care of her..We swapped names and shook hands and went our separate way …Of course it could have been my imagination but I think she actually preened a little.

While waiting for Judy I picked up a early birthday present for Willow the kitty..A really nice cat tree so yeah, not even at the market for 10 minutes and I have spend 65$ lol

After Judy arrived we walked down the market and stopped at Eva Sweet Waffles for some of the best waffles I’ve ever had.  I splurged a bit since tomorrow is my birthday and had a vanilla waffle with some strawberry sauce and a bit of whipped cream…YUMMY!!! (Thanks Judy for the birthday waffle)

Picked up peaches, locally made sourdough bread, homemade raspberry jam with bits of Belgium chocolate pieces, and some cauliflower.

I think we walked up and down the market a few times so I got a good workout in including the biking there and back.

Judy then headed to Red Bike to visit her awesome hubby and I headed up to spend some time with my weary husband.  Unfortunately I did make him take me to the grocery store and Old Navy…Cute tops were purchased and I’ll showcase them in another post as they are very bike apparel worthy.

I hope everyone is getting lots of biking  in or if its hot where you are I hope you are staying hydrated and cool:)

Much Love & Happy Riding!!

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