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Baskets and Tyres

July 23, 2010

Well Eliza finally got a basket!! I’m not entirely sure I’ll be keeping the brass plaque on it but the basket itself suits her well.

I’m also having the most awful time getting the Schwalbe Delta tyres incream here in Edmonton so if any of my readers are in the Boston area and can inquire for me and maybe facilitate the purchase I can pay via paypal….I’m not in a rush now but I’d like to try and start sending out feelers now.  Thanks in advance!!!

ETA: I’m ordering the tyres through Calhoun Cycles in the States. The shipping is pretty high but will be worth it in the end

Eliza also kicked my butt going up the hill on the other side of High Level Bridge..Yep we had to walk it but coming down was less scary than I had anticipated which is a good thing.   I also need to order new brakes pads soon.

Much Love & Happy Riding!!

P.S. I also need kickstand ideas as she needs on desperately

P.P.S. I found a Carradice Barley Saddlebag for49$ CANADIAN!!!  I can’t find it less than 100$ USD in North America either so Yeah baby you will be mine…that will give Eliza even more storage 😀

Happy Birthday to me!!


1st Eliza Upgrade

July 22, 2010

I’m going to be ordering new tyres for Eliza either tonight or tomorrow.  I was going to take her out this morning but she is low on air and I’m not confident about her original tyres to keep putting air in them.

I’m putting Schwalbe Delta tyres on her in Cream and swapping out her European tubes with weird valve to different ones too. Lord I’m such a bike boob errr noob!!  They are schraeder valves LOL

In the meantime I’ll try and figure out how to use her original pump so I can take her over to Red Bike with me so all can admire her:D

Much Love & Happy Riding!

Poll time

July 20, 2010

I’m going to be changing my blog name end of the month and I need help picking a name as I’m pretty lousy at it..LOL

Here is what I have so far..Please pick your favorite or your idea in comments

Thank You

Much Love & Happy Riding!!

Short Post

July 19, 2010

I’m pretty sick..I’ve been sick all day:( I’ve mostly been sleeping and being nauseous. Definitely not one of my better days.

I hope to be well by Friday as I’m taking an Introduction to Basic Bike Maintenance class and I wanted to go earlier so I could walk through the bike yard to see if I could spy any Mixte Bikes. Yep that will be my final bike…well final for at least a year…or 6 months..hopefully.

I’m going to be cleaning up and selling my hybrid as I had mentioned I’m just not enjoying riding it and would like to go to someone that will appreciate it more. Its pretty funny that when I though I had done all this bike research and picked a bike I would be happy with I ended up not being that way at all. Of course owning the hybrid opened me up more into the world of bicycling so that I could finally figure out what I wanted. So that as they say is that.

If I can only have three then I want the Pashley, The Raleigh DL-1 and a Mixte. For the Mixte I’m looking for either a Motobecane or a Raleigh with twin lateral stays. I have a feeling though its going to be an exhaustive search for the Mixte for me. It also must be Blue or Silver:) And I’ll probably have to get hubby’s new television first too.

Much Love & Happy Riding!!

Changes Part 2

July 18, 2010

As well as changing my blog name but not domain name (fingers crossed on that) I may be relocating back over to blogger as there are some quirky things about Word Press I don’t like. I have been unable to embed media such as google maps on here (or similarly if someone knows how to do that if you could help that would be great) and I know on blogger its pretty easy to do. Sooo I will keep everyone updated on redirects, names changes and so on..I’m hoping its easy to switch over domains from one site to another.

Much Love & Happy Riding!!

Eliza Upgrades

July 16, 2010

This is more for my benefit as I have a mind sometimes like a sieve so please feel free to skip:)

Upgrades I’d like to do with Eliza within the next 12 months

  • Rear Rack
    Front Basket that is easily detachable aka with straps
    Enclosed Chain Guard
    New tyres– I’m lusting after Schwable Delta tyres in cream. this may also mean going from a strange presta valve to a Shrader one
    Coaster Brakes

  • I think that is all I can think other than also getting a cool ding dong bell and eventually a saddlebag

  • Changes

    July 15, 2010

    I have a headache:( Though I did take Eliza out for a short ride today which she and I both loved. I had to take a backpack though because I still have no rack or basket and it made me a bit sweaty but it was still a very nice jaunt.

    Also, I think sometime around the 1st of August this blog will get a new name. The domain name will remain the same but my biking focus has shifted and I’d like my blog to reflect that. I’m mulling over a few different names and I’m quite excited about this change too!

    At the moment Edmonton is under a severe thunderstorm watch…Yeah for us!

    Much Love & Happy Biking!!